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I love sneakers. I love everything from the design the art and the functionality. Growing up I was always lucky enough to have shoes for school and sports. I always loved watching some of my classmates show up with the new Jordans and I can remember how cool I thought they looked even though I don't remember really wanting them for myself.


Well I want them now! I want all different kinds of sneakers for all different reasons. I love weird collaborations that I'll be sharing on the blog often. I love retro remakes of new Jordans and insane colorways (you'll hear that term a lot) of runners.  So instead of just collecting and enjoying for myself I decided to try and help along the way. 


And a year later here we are!
Welcome to the movement, enjoy.


There's a moment in a persons life when thy are young and all that matters is a pair of sneakers.
This sounds like a completely unimportant issue... but in reality it could be that very pair of sneakers that drives the person to success.

As a young person I was without (poor... there is no shame its your station in life) and while there is no shame in being poor there are a substantial amount of moments that resonate throughout adult life.

I remember these moments and for many of them somehow sneakers made their way into the equation.

I was not athletic I was not so fashionably forward for my age I simply admired all the kids that had the current pair of sneakers. When I was younger there were those that you would admire, not because they were wealthy or because they were faster or more attractive it was only that they had a pair of sneakers that everybody coveted.

It was in that moment I realized that I had an attraction to the sneakers and I carried it through my entire life up until these moments.

I would see someone with a pair of sneakers and I would say "I will own those etc" Well, here I am in the now realizing that I have acquired 90% of those coveted sneakers that I saw when I was young and well into my 20's.

While there is a certain satisfaction obtaining something you could not when you were younger and without the financial means, there is a time to return the favor. 

It is time to give back!!!

Give back to those who I see myself in.

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Hi, I'm Jason Perez. I'm a husband, musician, podcaster, software consultant, and teachers assistant/music therapist at an alternative school. I caught the sneaker bug years ago when I bought my first pair of Vans. As I got more and more into the culture, and bought more and more brands, I realized I loved sneakers not just because of the designs, colors, and unique styles but because they bring people together. There's almost an instant connection with someone when you notice they have HEAT on their FEET and more often than not if you're willing to start a conversations it leads to something unexpected. Sneaker heads are artists, dreamers, creatives, and everything in between. So naturally when Cam approached me about helping with Sneakerheartz i jumped at the opportunity to get a bunch of people in a room to help spread some love. My favorite pair is the Diemme (Italian designer) X Vans Sk8 Hi, or the current obsession I haven't bought yet the Air Jordan 3 Mocha. I cant wait to see where this nonprofit goes, how many kids we can inspire to do what they love. How many smiles we can get from handing them out to the homeless.

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As a kid growing up, sports and fitness played a huge role in my day to day life. Raised in the small town of Geneva, Illinois I started playing sports at a young age which taught me the basic fundamentals of what it meant to be a teammate. Along with that I learned qualities such as leadership, work ethic, and how to overcome adversity. Since then I've been fortunate enough to go on and play football at NIU and then live out my dreams of playing in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons and the L.A. Rams. Looking back I realize how fortunate I was to have the positive role models that helped pave the way for my success to this very day.

Being a part of Sneaker Heartz allows me to give back to the people in the community that may not have the same opportunities that I did. I'm very fortunate for the opportunity to pay it forward and put a smile on some peoples faces.

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My love for everything sneakers started at a young age. Growing up when Jordan and Shaq dominated the floor it was easy to get caught in the hype. These players were larger than life and so was their footwear. 

My family is a Chicago family to the core. We didn't have a lot of money growing up but my mom sacrificed every year when it came to back to school shopping. My mom was always worried about our confidence and wanted us to fit in. She was worried that losing our dad at a young age would affect that. Before the school year started we would hit the mall. My sister would get dresses, shirts, and everything else she could squeeze into the budget. When it was my turn it was easy! My mom would pick out my shirt for picture day and I'd pick out the sneakers. One stop at footlocker was all I needed to find this years Jordans. 

That love for the sneaker culture grew and grew. Its wild how much my life experiences revolve around this tight knit sneaker community. That deserves to be shared and Sneaker Heartz gives me that opportunity. I'm excited to go on this journey. 

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I've always had an appreciation for sneakers. My passion for them really started to grow around October 2017. At this point I was still all about getting steals from stores like Marshalls and Ross (which I still do at times). I was finding amazing shoes for even better prices. Fast forward to February 2018 when I got my first pair of Yeezys... everything picked up from there.

It all started with getting steals so most of my "heaters" took some time to acquire for the right deal. I can't count how many times I've searched around a Nike store and found nothing, then walked up to the counter and asked what kind of heat they had in back and walked out with a $200 pair of retros for $100! I love it, I absolutely love it. My advice... ask questions and remain curious, I truly believe that closed mouths don't get fed. 

I appreciate shoes for what they're worth, the way they look, and who or what they represent. Most importantly I love the nostalgia and stories they carry with them. Thats why I love sneakers. 

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